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what's loveution?

"Art and science are one being; art is a way of feeling, science is a way of thinking."

LOVEUTION was discovered in 2009 by looking at the word "EVOLUTION":

I realized that first four letters "evol" is "love" backwards.

The logo has a small square that represents my signature on paintings.

Like evolution, LOVEUTION is a process of change, growth, progression of the whole universe of interrelated phenomena.  It occurs on a much subtler level than evolution. I will write down: Nikola Tesla. 

One example of loveution is the Golden Ratio- Fibonacci sequence (progression).

Golden Ratio is the innate blueprint of the structural (anatomy) and functional (physiology) of the most beautiful objects of Nature.


Plants don’t grow in a random way: they have the most efficient blueprints in which to grow. Leaves form in a spiral pattern in order to obtain maximum exposure to the sun. This is just one example of this geometry in nature. It is a design that seems accidental but is actually quite intelligent.