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exhibition: UW

Rockatansky | Makarska, Croatia

15.08. - 25.09.2020.

On April 22, 2020, exactly one month after the earthquake in Zagreb, just before 6 am, I was awakened by a frightened voice of a neighbor: ‘‘ There is fire, there is fire everywhere and your car is burning !! ’ Spontaneously, my car became a symbol of the tormented Opatovina, which was badly damaged in the earthquake. A few days after the fire, I photographed the wreckage of the car. The sheet metal seemed especially interesting to me and I decided to turn something ugly into beautiful. Beauty also hides in the seemingly ugly, you just have to want to see it. The works were done in digital media (photoshop), hand-drawn. The background on a couple of works is car's burnt sheet metal. The diver in the cave is e.g. inspired by the petrol opening, the diver on a cover by a burnt-out gearbox. An astronaut and a scuba diver present extreme conditions, a special kind of isolation that is enchanting. Protective suits protect without guaranteeing survival. But they allow exploration: the universe outward, the ocean inward. Silence is most audible in these worlds, darkness most visible. What we are increasingly missing. Same as the air / oxygen we breathe.

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