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name: martina gulan  |  birthdate: feb 06 1978  |  country: croatia  

contact: gulan.art@gmail.com

I was born in Dalmatia region and grew up surrounded by sea, pebble beaches, pine trees and mountains.


I draw since kindergarten but started to draw intensively in teenage years.

In 2007 i enrolled painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and got masters degree in 2012.

I begun to teach myself to draw digitally in 2013.

I lived in Vienna, Austria and Granada, Spain.

Currently I am located in Zagreb, Croatia working as freelance artist (traditional and digital). 

My former education also includes BA & MBA degrees from Webster University, Vienna, Austria (1996 - 2001).

I worked in telecommunication and in graphic printing industry. I speak English, German and Spanish.

Member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU).

Apart from traditional painting, Martina Gulan's work 

focuses on digital concept art and digital illustration.