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name: martina gulan  | country: croatia  


I was born in Dalmatia region and grew up surrounded by sea, pebble beaches, pine trees and mountains.


In 2007 I enrolled painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and got masters degree in 2012.

In 2013 begun to teach myself digital drawing.

The true imagination is something completely different from escaping into the unreal. None of spirt's ability dives and digs deeper than imagination; imagination is a great diver.

Area of my great interest is brain neuroplasticity (on which i did my master thesis). Other important areas that balance my creative process is figurative imagination: rainforests / in2 the wild, (neo)urbanism, sea and vespa. 

I choose process of transcendence to go beyond 'wor(l)ds' to convey what I need to convey visually; using our visual 'reality' as a clean slate that is gradually transformed into transcended worlds, where objects are often placed in juxtaposition, either using humor or chill or irony.

Each work is open to various interpretations and its title merely serves as a 'trial code' that helps to initiate interpretations. I pay attention that my works are also visually enjoyable/provocative, without burdening the mind.

I lived in Vienna, Austria and Granada, Spain.

Currently I am located in Zagreb, Croatia working as freelance artist (traditional and digital). 

My former education also includes BA & MBA degrees from Webster University, Vienna, Austria (1996 - 2001).

I worked in telecommunication and in graphic printing industry. I speak English, German and Spanish.

Member of Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb (HDLU).

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