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Connection between eye and hand is a magic that requires practice and exploration.  
Once you become a magician, you'll understand: this magic is infinite.

I do drawing & painting classes  (traditional and digital) for individuals or small groups. I also hold online classes. Classes are for beginners, art enthusiast, students applying to art school / fine art academy or those who want to become professional digital painters. 


Traditional and digital curriculum differ slightly. If interested in a specific curriculum and price, feel free to contact me.


Small groups enable individual approach. The emphasis is on analyzing and understanding what is being drawn or painted. Special emphasis is placed on composition, light and color (hue, value, saturation) and techniques. The classes are done in a studio but also include fieldwork – drawing outside to understand light, shadow, 3d view much better. 

If you are interested in this curriculum and price, please send a request via contact link.


Classes are designed to master skills necessary for becoming a professional digital painter (e.g. concept art, character design, matte painting). Or if you just need to improve own digital portfolio (e.g. for video gaming industry or else).
Similar to traditional classes, emphasis is in analyzing and understanding what is being drawn or painted. Drawing is done mostly digitally but can be combined with traditional medium (pencil or ink).   
Curriculum is very thorough, if you are interested please send a request via contact link.

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